What we do

“Turning science into business is about recognising opportunity”

At Mousing & Hede Innovation we transform science into business. We believe scientists benefit from working more closely with entrepreneurs, business developers and financiers early on to ensure groundbreaking research in Europe can be turned into successful business opportunities.

What are the challenges scientists face with transforming science into profitable business?

There are many challenges, but perhaps the biggest one is that you need to understand who the customer is and what they might want. It is one thing to have a great scientific or technical innovation. It is quite another to know how that technology can be deployed, to understand the market and how you are going to finance the business. This is where we can help.

Does it require a different mindset to turn science into business?

Sometimes it requires a different person other than the academic to take the idea forward. There will be occasional individuals who will want to straddle both worlds of academia and business, but more often than not, it is about understanding, respecting and interacting with people from other domains.

Fundamentally, it is about recognising the opportunity. Then it is about ensuring critical things can be done – whether that is another experiment, market research, licensing or a patent. That requires a focused effort and financing. This is where we can help.

Mousing & Hede Innovation areas of expertise includes:

  • Mature academic science and turn ideas into business proposals
  • Set the team including board and executive roles, incorporate the company including shareholder agreements, founder holdings companies and agreements with the university
  • Patent-strategy and negotiation with university on e.g. IP licensing, part-time employment for academic staff etc.
  • Attracting soft-funding – locally as well as international grants
  • Closing of first angel/seed round, preparation for venture capital and growth
  • Main industries of expertise: Agro-food, Biotechnology, Food and Health tech, Ingredients and Plant-science